The recruitment partner for your Utilities, Energy,
Engineering and Construction business

Timely Recruit connects professionals and
brings brilliant people together
to create win-win situations.


Timely Recruit deliver a very professional recruitment service in the UK Utilities and Energy industry. We can connect you to Water, Electricity and Gas Companies. Timely Recruit are quick to respond and understand your recruitment requirements and we provide a range of suitable candidates very promptly and always ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

At Timely Recruit we identify that the Utilities and Energy sector are going through extraordinary change and growth. We are adapting and responding our processes to identify and adapt to these changes and continue to deliver successful outcomes for both the candidate and the client.  

We quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape in the Utility and Energy industry. Our goal is to find the right people in a really short space of time and to ensure the satisfaction of working with a recruitment partner who can be entrusted to deliver results.

Timely Recruit are one of the leading independent national recruitment agencies for the placement of candidates in the Energy and Utilities market.  We have extensive experience in placing candidates within the Gas, Electricity, Smart Energy, Energy Management, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Transmission and Distribution, Construction and Engineering markets. We partner with a variety of organisations in the Energy and Utilities sector to source the best candidates for your roles. 

We are a dynamic and focused recruitment agency and are committed to enhancing the quality of the skills base in energy and utilities sectors – Bringing brilliant people together..